Bianca Runge’s Water and Fish Collage

Like how salmons make their way through salty waters back to the river and fight strong currents to reach the exact spot they were born, in order to lay their eggs, human beings crave for that embryonic darkness and comfort.


Perhaps this comfort is achieved in a state of near death, when everything appears dark and black. Like poets say, death could be sweet and comforting. Ironically, most salmons do not survive beyond spawning.

Bianca Runge has unveiled her new collage collection, which includes the ‘Point of No Return’. Using aquatic imagery and complementing this ambiance with images of fish, she creates a visual effect, which would remind one of a languorous dream.


Like how a fish could never make sense of the magnitude of the ocean, perhaps humans can never estimate the Universe’s worth. Lost in an ocean of defragmented scientific, spiritual, and artistic information, human mind seeks to make sense of an ocean, which is otherwise unfathomable.

The corals on the ocean floor have been deftly created using materials. Bianca’s collages seem to reflect man’s eternal quest for meaning, while his ideas and thoughts stay afloat over the ocean like straw, while an abyss lies under placidly.

Courtesy Bianca Runge, Collage Artist

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  • Madhuri Katti

    ‘Point of No Return’- beautiful thought, concept and creation!!!

    • Robert Lourembam

      I think we all are like the planets and galaxies moving away from the centre, like the big bang. We just go ahead and there is no question of returning. The return will only happen after death, to a state of non-existence which prevailed before birth.

      • Jaiyant Cavale

        Depressive realism.

  • Robert Lourembam

    I love these collages! They make me want to be a fish!

    • Jaiyant Cavale


  • Saskia

    How wonderful intriguing. I’ve also seen her pin-up series. The same concept, done beautifully!

    • Jaiyant Cavale

      Thank you Saskia! I am waiting for her next batch of collages..

  • bianca

    What Roberts says isn’t that depressive to me, i think it is comforting!

    Yaijant asked me what was in my mind when i made the collage:

    I feel like an explorer. When i cut holes in reality i can step through reality into a different dimension. Is it a dream or is it reality? Where am i? In the sky between the stars? in the sea? Does it matter!? If parallel worlds excist i could be reveiling them…

    Besides that i am quit normal :)

    My ongoing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to boldly go where no one has gone before!
    (star trek)

    • margriet smulders

      Wow Bianca,
      I am so happy soon one of these collages will be mine! I am looking forward to see it again and to meet you in my studio


    Querida artista,

    quero deixar meus comprimentos da saudação!
    Dei uma olhada em suas colagens e gostei muito da falta e ausência de algunhas imagens.

    Um abraço,

    João cOLAGEM

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