Commodification, Commercialization and the Persistence of Poetry

Poetry has always overlapped lyrics, songs, and even fiction and art. Poetry is one such human form of creation that shall persist till there is joy and pain within the human soul. However, Poetry is no longer mainstream, like it was in Victorian days or early years of English literature. It matured later during world wars, freedom struggles in various land, it was there in odes, love songs and operas. Poetry explored dark realms of the soul and life and also illuminated beauties of life and Nature.

As modern life grapples with technology, consumerist life, commercialization of art, the soul of life, Poetry, has symbolically gone missing. It must however be agreed that poetry books are abundant, and there are more poets who publish their works, and there is poetry reading in literary sessions. Poetry has become essential part of all language curriculums. Poetry nonetheless is missing from people’s conversations and life. Maybe poetry is on its way out leaving its footprints in songs and ringtones.

Shakespeare, Keats, Shelly, Wordsworth, Blake, Dostoevsky, and Rimbaud top the list of poets whose sensibility and expression has influenced everyone. The list of poets is endless. Poetry has always been the song of the people, their emotions, the politics and time they lived in. Poetry even posed existential questions and gave rare insight into meaninglessness of life.

Pablo Neruda’s entire life work not only represents struggle of a nation, a sub continent but also gives voice to the life, love and longing of a lonely soul.  A Poet thus became voice of all voiceless. Poets document subtle beauty of life not only lyrically but also symbolically. They paint pictures with words and rhythm of life.

Poetry itself is an alternate expression. The Fiendish will explore various poets of from different continents who became fiends just to sink deeper into dark unknown sea of human soul to find shells and little pearls of wisdom. These poets held out a mirror to the society and their times in their verses. They became catalysts of change. Those songs were not sung in vain.

In a world where everything is commodified, the magical stringing of words may leave the reader wonderstruck. The world may be commodified, but poetry exists even in this very nature of commercialization. Anti-odes to commercialization can be seen in the description of art which make valiant attempts at making the surreal and abstract be known. This perhaps is an indication that among various newer forms of art, poetry still has managed to hold its special place. It shall continue to do so, until machine takes over man.

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