Leonard Cohen back in US after 15 years!

Poet, novelist, composer, singer Leonard Cohen was back on stage at New York’s Beacon theatre on Thrusday night. The show no doubt was a sold out affair. Singer Leonard Cohen, now 74, has given famous songs ‘Hallelujah‘, ‘Suzanne‘, ‘I am your man’, ‘Dance with me to the end of love’ and famous ever Anthem which ends with ‘….there is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in’ and many more to the world.

His journey of life and much of human saga is documented in all his songs. They touch upon his personal, social, political and spiritual experiences. Thus they are journey from darkness to the illuminating light and then again to the shadows. Leonard Cohen has always tried to shy away from commercial success and often dropped out of circulation during peak of his success. Once he went away to live as monk for nearly 5 years! Journey to explore the mind and the world was always of primary importance to this towering man.

Cohen has experimented with all forms of expression. He has written novels, poems as well as famous lyrical songs apart from trying his hand at paintings. Nevertheless, along with the written word, his musicality, rendition and baritone voice became an instant hit. Cohen received worldwide recognition with his first album itself but due recognition in US came when he was inducted into American Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2008. Unlike other rock bands he is minimalist with forceful bass baritone voice accompanied by electronic synthesizers and female singers. There is influence of European folk, pop, cabaret, Jazz and world music. He truly sings songs of the soul. Maybe this is why people line up up to see him perform live on stage even after so many years. He is scheduled to perform next at Chicago theatre on May 5.

Best songs and music never becomes irrelevant. For realms of loneliness, search of meaning, enchantment, dreams, search for magic and disenchantment will always be inherent to the human being’s emotional response and expression. These are rare souls who have persisted in their search of meaning and meaninglessness in spite of commercial success.


Via New York Times

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