Zlatica Maksimovic: Manifesting Spirituality in Art

If there was something called spirituality, it had to be a form of art. The feeling of being connected to nature and to life is what makes one go further, trudge further deep into the chasm of life. Zlatica Maksimovic is a Serbian artist who was trained at the Art Academy, Novi Sad. Her TOTO Group (Totally Organized Theatrical Relation) dealt with interdisciplinary projects imbibing techniques from drawing, painting, sculpture, performing arts and video. Zlatica’s interests revolve around the esoteric, spirituality and art.

The Balkans has witnessed enormous bloodshed, upheavals, and all that has influenced Zlatica. Perhaps, real life experiences which are beyond human comprehension find an outlet in art. Zlatica feels the stability of individual values is collapsing and a certain support can be found in art. Zlatica’s personal quest to seek answers about the unknown led her to various monasteries, and resulted in a romantic portrayal of angels.

Without limiting herself to a single form of art, she has successfully experimented with drawings, paintings, performances, objects, and media. In fact, the answers to the human predicament may not be made available in a single form of art, and has to be expressed in different mediums. Yet, one would only get a hazy and unclear picture about the reasons for human existence. The answers sought could be spiritual, artistic or a combination of both.

She has experimented with eastern spiritual thought and the Christian and in the end has created works of art that provide warmth and comfort to a tired soul that seeks answers. The answers may never be found, but appreciating the byproducts of an artist’s spiritual pain could heal our own traumatic life experiences. The most haunting of her paintings use a smudged imagery, which may represent the human spiritual predicament.

While humans have spent thousands of years in seeking spiritual answers, much blood has flown, for millennia. The troubled Serbian history could be subtly experienced in Zlatica’s paintings while the angels, monasteries, and supernatural elements in her works represent the humankind’s quest for knowing the unknown. Certainly one cannot know what lies beyond, but artists like Zlatica seek to help people see a solution in the form of art.

Courtesy Zlatica Maksimovic

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  • Randell

    I saw your art while searching through google. I love your angel. :-) You are a great artist

  • Slavica

    Absolutely beautiful paintings, they really speak volumes. Someone needs to change ‘Siberian’ in the last paragraph. Thank you very much for the post.

  • Zlatica

    Thank you Randell and Slavice,
    Peace and Love to you.
    Zlatica : )