Endless Forms: An Exhibition Where Charles Darwin Meets Visual Art

Among the series of events planned to commemorate Darwin’s bicentennial and 150th anniversary of his revolutionary book Origin of Species, the ongoing exhibition “Endless Forms: Charles Darwin, Natural Science and the Visual Arts” at the Yale Center for British Art is a true eye-opener about the grandiose design of Nature, early visual expression of artists and the interpretation of life by Darwin. Nature’s beauty, life on earth and underlying connections in endless life forms are thus revealed here in totality.

Also very rarely the intricate connection between aesthetics, art and science is made visible to the human eye. The enthralling exhibition will be held almost throughout the year at two different places and hopefully this theme will find its rightful permanent place in a museum.

Charles Darwin was inspired by early paintings of visual artists and the images of the world thus inspired him to travel and explore. Later he used the art itself as a medium to show connectedness and evolution of species. His revolutionary theories about survival, natural selection and evolution of species in turn influenced the later generation of Impressionists and other artists.  His ideas continue to inspire people from different walks of life.

The exhibition is divided into seven thematic sections. The collection consists of paintings, drawings, water colours, prints, photographs and sculptures drawn from major museums and galleries of Europe and America. There are works of famous as well as lesser known artists. Also on display are the different kinds of background scientific materials and some specimens.  This exhibition is a true celebration of the beauty and wildness of Nature and the imagination of human mind.

For more information: NYTimes

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