Marilies Jagsch Sings an Obituary for a Lost Mind

A sombre mood need not be conveyed with a lot of drum beats and wild strumming of guitar. Marilies Jagsch is an Austrian singer/songwriter who weaves gothic melancholy with funereal imagery. The words flow out easily and when the guitar plays alongside, a folksy ambience envelops the listener.

Using soft instrumentals and smoky vocals, Marilies Jagsch transports the listener to a world that is steeped in medieval horror, fear and intimidation. Her debut album “Obituary for a Lost Mind” is the essential story of someone who no longer is what they used to be, and the 12 tracks in the album reveal the various stages of searching for the lost mind, and finally singing a funereal obituary for the mind that would never be found.

She is one of the more prominent Viennese musicians where singer/songwriters have begun to emerge slowly but steadily. Though Austria is not exactly known for this genre, Marilies Jagsch seems to stand on her own. The album was released way back in 2007. Her smoky vocals and haunting melodies are representative of a void that haunts the mind painfully.

Gravedigger, Beloved Stranger, White and daydream are essentially dark, both lyrically and musically. They leave the listener in a meditative trance, a trance that takes the listener down a path of cold and foggy lanes that seem to culminate at the point where one actually started.

“I’ll be back…when the sun goes down” in Daydream resonates with horror and enchantment associated with loneliness and seclusion. The seclusion is similar to that of a monster which has no one to turn to, in spite of wanting to. Underwater sounds a little less dark but mournful nonetheless.

Though she has received her share of negative criticism, the music is refreshingly soothing, dark and melancholic. Marilies Jagsch has been performing live actively and it would interesting to see the route she opts, in her next album. Marilies Jagsch is one of the rare musicians who are unperturbed by the pop culture and commercial demands an artist has to succumb to, in a commodified music industry.

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