Ela Gora: Personal Narratives through Photography

Narrative photography has a special place in the field of art as it suggests the disjointedness of reality. Usually, the pieces that form reality cannot be put together and it is almost not possible for a person to make sense of it all. Though in reality one cannot place these pieces together to form a common narrative, photography can achieve the result of forming narratives through which one can form associations and draw both linear and non-linear recounting.

Ela Gora is a Polish born photographer who currently lives and works in Hampshire, England. She combines her photographs in series in order to create narratives. Being personal and psychologically conditioned, these stories reveal a deep understanding of human thought, emotions and subjective experience. One of the series titled “fly my love” perhaps suggests the self-destructive nature of human beings.

Many of the photographs in her series reveal the worry and agony writ large on the face, and these emotions culminate in the blankness of thought or non-existence of the being.  She uses different lighting techniques to create a narrative that when viewed in an order, form a story that wasn’t told. Such narratives explore the ideas of disjointedness as one needs to put things together.

These stories could be too personal to be revealed or said verbally. Hence, these photographs provide the viewer an insight into the artist’s mind and yet allow them to form their own interpretations. Everyday situations, thoughts and ideas are given a special place in each of the series and when all are placed together, they form a narrative.

Ela Gora’s works reveal a deep understanding of the human predicament and angst.  She uses superior photographic techniques in order to achieve the effect one can see in her series. Her photographs and the series represent the same incoherence of ideas and experiences that one goes through. Perhaps there isn’t meant to be any sort of coherence in reality, and only in an abstract state of mind can one assume or perceive some sort of coherence and cohesion.

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  • http://www.zahradarvishian.com zahra darvishian

    the most noticeable aspect of her works is that she doesn’t keep track of one technique. I’ve got no clue if you’ve chosen theses single shots yourself or you’re talking about a series; so, I’m not quite sure about the feedback….by the way, her works are making efforts to flee from the truth…..on the contrary, she can be the truth herself.

    • Jaiyant Cavale

      Hello Zahra,

      I am not talking about a particular series but what I felt about the expressions on her face in different photographs, hence picked out random photographs. I agree with you when you say that she may be trying to flee from the truth, but ends up being truthful herself..

  • http://www.zahradarvishian.com zahra darvishian

    yeah, what we actually do is the truth, to be precise, our attitudes play our roles.

    this place is the most amazing thing I find in the net…. thanks so much, I do enjoy it.