Picasso: Challenging the Past, Ongoing Exhibition at National Gallery, WC2, London

Picasso: Challenging the Past, exhibition at National Gallery is an innovative show which depicts Picasso’s study of great masters of art. Picasso was obsessed with works of some great masters and worked feverishly to deconstruct and reconstruct them. He locked himself up for months and he made versions after versions of Velazquez’s masterpiece, Las Meninas. Similarly he dealt with Goya, Manet and many others. He reworked most of their art and created his own masterpieces. In a way it was his interpretation and tribute to great masters. He challenged them to empower his own art and creativity.

This ongoing exhibition displays the original work of the old masters on one level along with re-created version by Picasso at another level which makes it more interesting. One can see original work and the deconstructed, interpreted and re created version of Picasso. Very rarely one would see workings of mind of a genius artist and the masters he admired in one exhibition. It’s a show case of evolution of art and a legacy carried forward. The exhibition is on till 7th of June 2009.


Via Times Online

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