Rare Tape of Jimi Hendrix Surfaces

It is indeed ironical that a rare tape with 14 songs (which Jimi Hendrix had gifted someone) will fetch thousands of pounds at an upcoming auction next month.  Jimi Hendrix could only afford to buy his first guitar that too from his father’s acquaintance for $5 at the age of 15!

The tape is said to be rare because it shows Hendrix singing and playing guitar quietly in his apartment which is a real contrast to the live electric performance Jimi Hendrix is renowned for. Jimi Hendrix was born and brought up in extreme poverty and tragic circumstances. Something that affected him deeply and he was shy and sensitive boy. He found his expression only through electrifying music.

Ever since he got his first guitar Jimi Hendrix practiced almost constantly. He learnt only by watching musicians and performers. He could play his electric guitar with mouth, behind his back and make all kinds of distortions appear musical. His music grades in school were very low maybe because he didn’t follow any musical rules.

Jimi Hendrix was a musically obsessed soul for few years when his success reached the peak. He experimented with acoustics, recording, special effects apart from experimenting with his own electric guitar. He even used the acoustic feedback wisely and wildly. He became a true rock star who rocked both Europe and America.

His wild side showed best when he set his guitar on fire after an electrifying performance. He even experimented with drugs and hippie cult. His hair, his clothes and his performance broke usual grammar rules. He died mysteriously at tender age of 28. Reasons attributed were drug overdose though his last lyrics hint a suicide.

The rare somber mood recorded on the tape is a contrast to the popular wild image of Jimi Hendrix. His songs certainly don’t belong to auction houses. Hope they reach the true fans of Jimi Hendrix soon.


For the original auction news see The Independent

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