Art Exhibition: Van Gogh and the Colours of the Night

Van Gogh and the Colours of the Night exhibition, is being held at Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam. This exhibition is  a tribute to one of the greatest artists who is also known for his madness and darkness of his soul. The night theme of the exhibition is a rare attempt to look at Van Gogh’s vision and fascination about nights.

Van Gogh had once said, “It often seems to me, night is much more alive and richly coloured than the day”. All the famous paintings of Van Gogh depicting night fall and night are displayed in the exhibition and each picture seems to be connected to the next one. First there is painting depicting sunset and then one just has to drift in to night world with his famous paintings such as ‘Starry Starry Nights”.

They say art does reflect mind of the creator. Van Gogh suffered from mental depression, manic phases and in a fit of rage had even cut his own ear. He finally committed suicide in an asylum. However, his paintings of the night are anything but morose. This exhibition in fact is a celebration of the night. Also displayed in the exhibition is a collection of Van Gogh’s favourite books. These books were a source of inspiration for Van Gogh. The exhibition is on till 7th June.

Via The Independent

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  • bianca
  • Madhuri Katti

    Thank you, Bianca for reading and the link. I admire and love Van Gogh precisely for his craziness. Yes, maybe they all were. Only craziness can lead to such rich creativity. They lived life on their own terms and allowed their passion to rule them.

    I guess when one reads about Van Gogh’s entire life, his struggles and his passion it hardly matters how his ear got cut. I dunno why they want to keep digging the so called truth instead of taking pride in his art.