Cannes Film Festival 2009: Animation Cinema moves into another Dimension

Animation films are almost synonymous to Walt Disney /Pixar cartoons for children, typical Hollywood and mainstream entertainment. But animation films are literally and figuratively moving into different dimension. For the first time in its entire history Cannes Film Festival opened with a 3D animation film. Walt Disney/Pixar Animation Studio’s ‘Up’ created history by becoming a first animation curtain raiser film at the prestigious film festival which is known for its award and screening of best films around the world. Thus animation moved into 3D as well as artistic dimension.

This singular event is also a curtain raiser for what kind of future entertainment and art is knocking at the doors. 3D animation is all set to be future chosen medium of cinema. It is not only a good technological and business move since everyone will be forced to visit 3D state of art multiplexes and cinema halls and wear special glasses to feel the special effect but it will open new forms of creativity and expression. It must be noted that extremely moving and imaginative story line of ‘Up’ won the heart of the audiences more than the special effects and technology.

Hope the new technology and art will bring in some fantastic imagination and imagery and give an expression to surrealism and magical realism. Cinemas should provide audience a true psychedelic, out of the world experience. It is a medium which can knock our senses out and as well as sensitize us. Good art and new technology are once again opening a new chapter in the history of cinema. This will give new expression to human imagination and creativity.

Via Independent

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