Music Returns to Bosnia and Herzegovina Slowly

The guns are silent but a desolate calm precedes over the mountains and hills in Bosnia and Herzegovina. While the wailing and bemoaning seems to have ended, the whimpering and silent sobbing continues to this day in the homes of those whose loved ones were killed. Bosnia today is a modern European country, and its capital Sarajevo is the busiest construction site in Europe.

Bullet marked buildings still stand proudly as a testimony to the war and strife this land once had seen. The neighboring countries have not been immune to genocide or massacres, leading to the conclusion that hate only begets hate.

Still, Bosnia continues to breathe an air of relaxed comfort and soothed by its folk music and rhythms. Bosnian music is distinctly Slavic yet influenced by Turkish melodies. This unique combination and fusion of styles was again further influenced by Western Classical music.

Electronic, Heavy Metal and Rock acts are not uncommon in Bosnia and Tuzla, the place where most of the people intended to go before they met their fateful end, is the scene of really busy musical activity. Toxicdeath, Agonize, AXA, and other bands are famous not only in the former Yugoslavian countries, but also elsewhere in Europe.

The music of Bosnia draws heavily from Serbia and Turkey. If these nations collaborated with each other and if the former Yugoslavian countries took part in common musical ventures, much of the strife between these nations may ease. Things however are not that easy and music unfortunately takes a backseat.

Music has the unique ability to unite even the most hateful of the enemies. Perhaps if people gave more importance to rhythms and melodies, one would hear less gunshots and bomb explosions. Truths such as these are largely ignored in a world like today’s While the guns remain silent today, a lonely street singer cheerfully sings in a corner of a block in Sarajevo.

It may seem it would only be a matter of time that hatred among humans would silence many such street singers and the only music that would be heard would be gunshots. Howver, music is returning to this troubled nation and also to other troubled nations in the Balkans. Perhaps the popularity of music and the mass appeal of music would soothe the wounded hearts and minds of Slavic people.


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