Upcoming Exhibition: Controversial Human Skin Art by Andrew Krasnow

Andrew Krasnow uses human skin from bodies donated by people to medical science  for creating sculptures and art work. His art itself is his political statement against cruelty and suffering inflicted by human beings on other human beings. For past 20 years he has dedicated his life to this work. For the first time in July 2009 his complete work will be exhibited at GV Art gallery, London. The gallery has obtained license from UK’s Human Tissue Authority to be able to display this controversial art.

Andrew Krasnow has always courted controversy for his bold art work. He has made human skin lampshades, flags, boots, maps of America – all rude reminders of Holocaust, Gulf Wars, conflicts which have inflicted extreme suffering on humanity. He uses white skin only because he believes that much of sufferings in Americas have been inflicted by white people. He was denied permission to exhibit his work after first Gulf war.

In artist’s own words his work is a commentary on human cruelty and America’s ethics and morality. Such work indeed upholds mirror to reflect cruel and ugly face of humanity. In a modern globalised world innocent human beings are being killed cruelly by the machinery of war. Human genocide continues. A section of humanity continues to suffer for the sake of security and comfort of other sections. Andrew Krasnow’s art is deeply symbolic and truly disturbing.

Source – The Independent

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