Nada Motel: Rejuvenating with the Help of Art

The building might smell musty and got on, but it sure has some surprises for itself. Like an ageing star getting a cosmetic uplift or still better, a personality change for the better, buildings can receive makeovers too, of an artistic kind. Though one has to age and wither, the temporary change could bring in a renewed feeling of vigour and energy and a little attention from the sources considered necessary.

Ann O’Lear, the artist behind The Reno Gun Show teams up with artists from Reno, takes over the  historic but rundown El Cortez Hotel and exhibits artistic works for some time. The exhibition is carried out with no external funding and without any grants whatsoever.

Ann and her team do it all themselves and this year they have expanded and included a hotel called Townhouse and El Cortez in downtown Reno has been their favourite for the last 3 years. Aptly called Nada Motel, the event has grown impressively over the last few years, providing the much needed space and venue for artists to exhibit their works and add a little art and life to the ageing buildings.

One can find The Reno Gun Show in Room no 302. The drastic transformation of the hotel before and after the exhibition would be amusing to watch as it unfolds. The exhibition begins from 18th June 2009 and would be on till the 21st of June. The photos of El Cortez room no 302 were taken by Ann’s friend Dean Burton who is exhibiting his work in Room 316.

The El Cortez hotel is listed in the registry of historic places but the attention given to it is certainly not what it deserves. A pack of artists can certainly liven up a gloomy place like that! Word has spread far and New York Times may cover the event too. Nada Motel helps artists connect and make lifelong friendships.

In a profession that rarely involves regular “workplace interaction” such events can be a great place to unwind, interact and loosen up. If all these can also help bring attention to an ageing has-been hotel, it would just be great! It would be an exciting event when it really kicks off today and leaves the El Cortez Hotel and Townhouse rejuvenated with art and culture!

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