Exhibition: Open Air Landscapes by Corot to Monet

National Gallery, London is exhibiting some extraordinary open air landscape paintings by 18th century artists. Some of the masterpieces by Monet, Corot, Theodore Rousseau, Jean Millet, Eugene Boudin and others are on display. The exhibition, Corot to Monet: A Fresh Look at Landscape from the Collection will be held till 20th September 2009.

It is a good idea indeed to display only open-air paintings from a long gone era. The art, that era and masterstroke of different artists can be seen together on display. The open air landscape painting was one of biggest art movements of 18th which had deep influence on Impressionists. Artists simply stepped out with their canvases and painted Nature in natural light and natural colours.

Each painting is simply a fresh breath of air. Each of them has captured natural scenery with all minute details. The long extending horizon, sky, beaches, people, clouds, trees are all so inviting. It just urges one to step out with or without canvas and take a deep breath of fresh air.

The exhibition is a journey through important phase in the history of art. See the link to view some of the masterpieces which are on display.

Source: Guardian

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