The Magic of Le Petit Prince

The magical tale of Le Petit Prince better known as The Little Prince in the English world is part of childhood and growing up years of most book lovers. This simple tale takes a deep root within soul and charming Le Petit Prince becomes a part of everyone’s life. It makes one glance at the stars in the sky with a hope that there is a Little Prince somewhere taking care of his asteroid home and tenderly attending to his only rose (or crying over his lost dear rose).

Le Petit Prince was written by French aviator writer  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in 1943. He disappeared next year with his plane on his assignment to collect intelligence on German troop during World War II and was later confirmed dead in the air crash. Only an adventurous soul could have written such an amazing tale about celestial journey of a Little Prince and his chance encounter with an earthling. And only a traveler can give fleeting true glimpse of how humans have turned their life into drudgery and boredom.

This highly philosophical fable is more about introspection of human life on earth. Somewhere while growing up and going through angst, disappointments and other existential motions people become unimaginative and lose curiosity. We never realize when life becomes a routine, drudgery and even our emotions lose their charm and become a drag. Thus it is important to let the stubborn child in us takeover at times lead us into a magical world where even silly things have a magical charm.

Le Petit Prince has been translated into 80 languages and is the most sold bestseller ever. This popularity also reveals that people still seek imaginative philosophical fables which can help one navigate through dark life. Such tales set in celestial settings urge us look at the sky and feel insignificant but at the same time they make us look out for endearing Le Petit Prince and think of his simple philosophy: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.

It is this philosophy of following one’s heart may bring us closer to appreciating beauty and value of life in an otherwise violence ridden dark insensitive world.


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