Will the Dolls Make It?

The doll is one of the most significant forms of art humans first created. It represented the image of the early human he had of himself or those that were around him. With time, dolls not only grew more complex and well defined, but they also began to acquire supernatural characteristics.

This was particularly so in African societies where ancestor worshipping was and is still the vogue in many countries. Worshipping the ancestors in the form of dolls and representing the living in the form of dolls have been the basis of Voodoo religion which developed in the Americas after slaves were transported to the new world by the colonizers.

Even today, voodoo dolls are not only artistic but have a venerable position in the field of art, as they represent the unconscious fears and aspirations of human beings. The displacement of hatred, anger and intent of ill on others is clearly represented in voodoo doll rituals. What is more interesting is the elaborate designs and artistic refineries of these dolls that are held in awe, detested by the masses, and viewed under suspicion by the Church.

These dolls may not in reality have of lives of their own. However, thoughts, ideas, emotions and even a part of life are projected on these dolls and thus Voodoo holds its charm on humans, whether they like it or hate it. The darkest of the desires, the most unacceptable of the emotions are projected on these enchanting dolls and with all the projections combined, the dolls seem to achieve a life of their own. While the world has finally begun to ignore these dolls, their beauty and charm continue to hold the artistically inclined in rapture.

The dolls reveal a side of humanity that has long been ignored and rejected. That side of humanity exists in everyone, but is implored to stay within the darkness and never appear on the visible surface. It would be interesting to see how the dolls develop in the future. It would also be interesting to observe the possible succumbing of the voodoo doll to modernization like many other forms of art. Conversely one could study if the voodoo dolls are a product of pop culture.


History of Voodoo Art

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