Radiohead Pays Musical Tribute to World War I Veteran Harry Patch

Harry Patch was one of the last surviving World War I veterans who died recently at the age of 111. Harry survived not only the horrors of gruesome war and injuries but also agonizing memories and nightmares about it which haunted him for decades and also the sad reality that despite so many deaths, wars, genocides human world never learns the lessons.

Grand old war veteran Harry did speak about waste and futility of war in an interview given to Thom Yorke for BBC Radio 4’s Today programme few years ago. The interview had  inspired a song which now has been released as a tribute song from Thom Yorke’s Radiohead band to Harry Patch. The profits from downloads will go to the Royal British Legion.

It is ironical that even today they are flying home soldiers in coffins from Afghanistan and there are conflicts and wars raging like never before in different corners of the globe. Harry Patch had said that irrespective of the uniforms all soldiers were victims. How true!

Radiohead’s tribute is not just a lyrical tribute to the World War I veteran but also to his belief that wars are futile and one must find a different way to peace.

Click here to read more about it on Radiohead’s official site and download the song.


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