Voyage Voyage: A Dream that May Never Come True

Voyage Voyage was one of the hit singles of the late 1980s, and had the crowds dancing to the post-disco beats that the song can now be recognized with. The song achieved almost a cult status, with the androgynous Desireless aka Claudie Fritsch-Mentrop revealing the story of a person who travels the world without ever stopping.

The song might be a distant memory in the minds of an older generation, and a feeble memory among the kids that were born in the mid 80s. Nevertheless, songs such as Voyage Voyage are timeless and the idea behind the song is quite universal. Backpackers and travellers might actually be lucky enough to experience the things she says, though it just does not sound dreamy enough!

In a world where boundaries are so rigid, flying from a country to another, over the mountains, over the roof tops, and over hills and meadows, strange rivers, lakes and exotic nations seems just a little too farfetched. With all the security arrangements at the airport, the almost Shangri-la kind of feeling that the song evokes remains an idealistic notion.

Perhaps it is only in the dreams that one can travel so easily, as Desireless sings in the particular song. It may sound a little outdated and out of place today, but the track remains an ode to those who feel trapped in time and space, bound by the dreary rules, fences and other blockages that prevent a person from travelling, thinking and experiencing life freely.


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  • madkat

    Aren’t dreams beautiful because there is an element of uncertainty?

    • Jaiyant Cavale

      Indeed! Dreams are less torturous! Even nightmares are better aren’t they?

  • Dina Polarbear

    Beautifully written!