Dark Yearnings of the Soul

Human mind feels amazing affinity towards darkness. Best romantic tales are the ones with dark tragic endings. The Roman Holiday would not have been such a success if Audrey Hepburn’s holiday had not ended the way it did. Everyone grows up hearing fairy tales about Prince and Princess living happily ever after but in real life it rarely happens, we feel greatly moved only when two souls have to part because of circumstances. A soldier’s life becomes immortal and much told tale in songs and ballads only when he doesn’t return from war.  Shakespeare is tragedy king because he explored dark side of human soul more and he became popular because human yearnings are dark.

The color of human soul is dark – violent black. Why else wars have not ended in spite of so many genocides and brutal deaths. Why else nuclear weapons proliferate in spite of destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Best of creative and sensitive souls have extreme dark shades. Art, music and writings of Franz Kafka, Van Gogh, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Michael Jackson and many other geniuses have taken birth from extreme dark conflicting emotions and conditions they had to survive. The more oppressed the soul is the more it tries to liberate itself through art. Perhaps African music is most expressive because the continent has been permanently oppressed.

Ironically mad pursuit of elusive happiness and dreams of Utopia is pushing human life on this planet and human soul towards dark abyss. More wars will be raged for peace. More art, music, writings will take birth from dark conflicting emotions. Our waltz with life, emotions must end in death.

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