Crystal Skull Sculpture by Michael Bokrosh: Mnemonic for Death?

If there is something that has always kept the mankind in awe, it has to be the human skull. The skull may just be a part of the human skeleton, and something that is quite biological. However, the skull has always signified death, the afterlife and the paranormal.

Artists have long been inspired by this fundamental case that protects our brain. Though each person has his or her own way of looking at the human skull, most would admit that it tugs each of us and reminds us that we are all made of flesh, bones and blood, and that death is inevitable.

Michael Bokrosh has used optical crystal to create a skull sculpture that easily can be classified under the figurative school of art. The full size replica of the human school is made of the finest quality of optical crystal glass, something that is manufactured in the U.S.A.

The Crystal Skull comes with a rotating mirrored base and a sturdy box thanks to which it can be shipped around the globe safely. The Crystal Skull is in excellent condition and can be purchased for $20,000. The Crystal Skull could be the mnemonic that serves the purpose of reminding you your death, which could be just around the corner.

Purchase this sculpture at ArtQuest.

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