Song of the Day: Broken English by Marianne Faithfull

Broken English by Marianne Faithfull is one of those classics that stay fresh in the memories of those even born long after the song was released. Marianne’s Broken English might just be the song for those who use linguistic struggles as a reason to let blood. Instead of fighting over languages, it just might be an easier and less violent thing to just speak an international language, although in a crude and broken fashion.

Most people all over the world do understand some amount of English, and especially in places where linguistic struggles are present, English could serve as a neutral language that could build bridges. Unfortunately, even English is viewed with suspicion, and the eternal racial, linguistic and ethnic conflicts continue to rage across the world.

Of course, Marianne might have sung the song with something different in her mind, or perhaps Broken English alludes to something else. Nevertheless, it definitely deserves its place amongst the classics, after all these decades. The song was inspired by German terrorist Ulrike Meinhoff, Marianne said in her Faithfull: An Autobiography. Perhaps the song tells the story of two enemy soldiers in love, who only have Broken English in common.


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