Song of the Day: Homosexuality by Modern Rocketry

The 80s saw many gay musicians choosing to adopt disco as a genre of music that reflected their lifestyles, and that of their audiences. Most gay nightclubs played exclusively disco music as opposed to other kinds of music, and in fact, the gay disco musicians could be sub-classified under hi-nrg. Modern Rocketry were a band during the mid 80s and were quite unknown, even during the 1980s.

In the year 1985, they released “Homosexuality” which has often been described as the gayest disco song ever, and the single even featured the b-side “Thank God for Men”. The band remained in oblivion for a long time except for the time when Homosexuality was played at gay nightclubs. Most gay musicians had to fight mainstream stigma against them, as well as non-supportive record companies.

Thus, many talented musicians and singers never got to see the light of the day. It is perhaps because of those initial struggles that many musicians are successful today, regardless of their orientation. Nevertheless, this relative freedom of expression today can be enjoyed mostly by those who are involved in creative activities, which again succumbs to the stereotype of gay men being inclined towards performing arts.

Modern Rocketry Discography

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