Song of the Day: Que Sera Sera

In these difficult and melancholic times of war, recession and climate change where everything good seems to be slipping away including hope the good old popular song Que Sera Sera, meaning Whatever Will be, Will be, seems all the more relevant. The song was important theme of classic Alfred Hitchcock film The Man Who Knew Too Much. The magical phrase ‘Que Sera Sera’ has its origin in romance languages including Spanish and Portuguese. It is a most honest song which allays fears and apprehensions about future without giving false hopes.

The song may seem apparently optimistic but it has very dark connotations about uncertain future and human vulnerability. There is no way to know what future holds for any of us, there is no way to plan everything in advance, there is no certainty that plans will work or dreams will come true. But one cannot rule out possibilities of everything working out for the best either. The doomsday prediction may be too hideous, realities maybe grim too but it would be equally naïve to hold on to negative prophecies. Hope you will enjoy the song and find courage to hang on to the present moment!

YouTube link to Que Sera Sera

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