Legendary Musician Daniel Barenboim Returns to London with Beethovan and Schoenberg Concertos Series

Multifaceted genius Daniel Barenboim will be playing piano as well as conducting classical music orchestra yet again in London at the end of this month. This time he will present Beethovan’s piano concertos juxtaposed with Schoeberg’s Concerto. This marathon performance is unprecedented and is already a total sold out.

Daniel Barenboim is also well known for his efforts to bring in musical reconciliation in Middle East with his West-Eastern Divan Orchestra which he co-founded with Edward Said. Young Arab and Israeli musicians from across the infamous divide get trained to perform and give concerts in different parts of Europe and Middle East every summer.  While Middle East remains divided and forever in conflict in Divan concerts music takes precedence and heals and builds bridges in young minds.

Daniel Barenboim has written books, conducted operas, played and conducted piano concerts for more than sixty years. It will certainly be a rare delight to watch him in action yet again on Jan 29 2010 at Festival Hall, London.


Via Times On Line

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