Literary Genius J D Salinger Passes Away

Literary giant J D Salinger who gave the world one of the best novels ever– The Catcher in The Rye – is no more.  J D Salinger was also very famous recluse because he had consciously shunned the world at the age of 32 when he was at the peak of success and fame following publication of  The Catcher in the Rye which is now part of curriculum in colleges and universities. He successfully alienated himself from the world he could not identify with or relate to but the world never let him alone – stories, rumours and snippets about him, his lifestyle did appear in media and tormented him.

J D Salinger seems to have lived out dream of Holden, the young protagonist of The Catcher in the Rye by making the ‘dough’ with his novel, buying a remote home in Cornish, New Hampshire and shunning the world of phonies who relentlessly made attempts to invade his privacy. J D Salinger gave up public life but never gave up writing, it seems he had built a cement bunker on his property and would write everyday though he never published anything after 1965. There are rumors doing rounds that his works may be published posthumously.  Whether works should be published against the wishes of J D Salinger will be a matter of debate for coming few weeks and months.

Personally every young fan will see J D Salinger himself as The Catcher in the Rye. It was protagonist Holden’s cherished dream to become a Catcher in The Rye by appearing suddenly from nowhere to save small children playing near the cliff by catching them just in nick of time. With his novel J D Salinger will continue to reach out to millions of young readers, troubled minds and protagonist Holden will save them from falling off cliff in the world of phonies by helping them to connect to themselves.

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via The Telegraph

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