Contemporary Art Exhibition: A Secret to Be revealed Soon!

Internet and New Media have influenced contemporary art in a way that is difficult to comprehend. In fact, the influence continues to evolve and creates new spaces for art to be exhibited and appreciated. Artists like Bianca Runge, and several others are actively engaged in creating spaces online.

For instance, a couple of decades ago, artists had to depend upon galleries and curators in order to find a venue for exhibition but the virtual world has allowed artists to be self dependant and even find ways to make exhibitions innovative and more.

The relationship between contemporary art and the internet is something that could be studied “as and when it happens”. With that in mind, the month of May shall witness a novel exhibition and what makes the exhibition special and connected to the Virtual world is something that would be revealed by the artists involved to us sooner or later.

We are not sure if we could reveal the information about this exciting exhibition featuring contemporary art in a few hours, days or a couple of weeks. It shall however take place in the month of May and could change the way people perceive art, and the way art reaches people. Thanks to a bunch of artists, we may perhaps be on the brink of witnessing some real changes in the way contemporary art is going to evolve. More to come soon!

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