Lovers in Art: A Contemporary Art Exhibition

It must be an interesting life to have an artist for a partner, but when both of them are artists, what could their lives be like, or what could their art be like? Could there be a connection between two artists who are in love? “Lovers in Art” is part of the series of exhibitions by Bianca Runge, which would be held on the 21st of May. The exhibition tries to uncover the little secrets about artists who are in love with each other and would see the official opening and publication of the same.

Paintings and art works by artist-couples could be a great way to study if each other’s love could play any effect on the art they create. The entanglements and bonding of emotions could be reflected in the art that an artist-couple could create. Studying the influences of lovers on each other’s art could be something that only an observing eye could feel, but not “decipher”.

This deciphering comes naturally and thus the idea behind the theme: Art is accessible and is not difficult to understand. Themes like these make art more attractive and less intimidating as an average Joe would assume art to be. This exhibition surely is going to be one of the most exciting, and would take place from the 21st of May.

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