Marc Schmitz’s New Exhibition ‘EDEN’ Opens at Galerie Kai Hilgemann

In a world that expects to find a pattern and an order in an increasingly disordered Universe, one may need to question the basic human drive of seeking balance, order and perfection. While humans are victims of their quest for balance, they continue to victimize themselves too, in the form of economic states and political schools.

Marc Schmitz, a Berlin-based artist shall hold an art show at the Kai Hilgemann gallery in Berlin and is titled ‘EDEN’. The show is a visuo-sensual experience with neon works, new paintings, and installations. The installations are particularly poignant and seem to acknowledge the dichotomies that bind human experiences. The installations include two knot works made from camel hair, pearls and rubber project from the wall in about 40 cm height and cross the gallery’s floor.

The artist’s previous sculpture from Baku N°5 could be seen at the back, and a clock from the 70s, picked from a bank is installed as well. EDEN perhaps seeks to encourage people to question the quest for balance, perfection and order in a space that allows freedom to ‘feel’.

As abstract as art could be, EDEN could be a gentle critique on values that are priceless to the human existence. The gallery would feature Marc Schmitz’ various works and could be a semiotic from as blatant as the art market to something as surreal as the incomprehensible desire for order. The art show would open on the 18th of March, 2011 and would be open till the 23rd of April, 2011.

Marc Schmitz is a German artist based in Beriln who has participated in group and solo exhibitions all around the world. He is most recognized for his non linear perspectives.

Galerie Kai Hilgemann is located at Zimmerstrasse 90/91, 10117 Berlin

The gallery can be contacted at Tel +49 30 20453396 .

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