Igor Garnier: The Future of Serbian Club Music

Eastern Europe has this curious ability to produce some of the best electronic and dance musicians in the industry. While the 90s were rather traumatic for those in the region, the last decade and the present one has seen a number of young and promising artists, who seem to be helping in reviving electronic music, and at the same time boosting tourism in the region. One of the promising and young artists from the region is Igor Garnier. Igor is a Serbian DJ, music producer, songwriter and remix artist who is one of the hottest names in the Belgrade club scene. In fact, many clubs abroad have begun to play his numbers too, and his popularity rests heavily upon the sound technical and musical background he comes with.

The 21 year old DJ began to play piano at the age of 6, and attended the Music High School, after which he majored in Sound Engineering at the European Music University. An eclectic combination of music theory, sound engineering, professional equipment and a zest for promoting Belgrade club scene to a larger International crowd has prompted Igor Garnier to experiment with moods, beats and tunes. Of particular interest are the numbers ‘Belgrade People’ and ‘Milka Canic’.

Igor Garnier feat. Minja – Belgrade People is a club track that doubles up as a way to project Belgrade as a friendly city which welcomes people regardless of colour, race or nationality. In fact, the song quite reflects the situation of Belgrade, which is usually perceived by foreigners as a post-Yugoslav city which may not be very friendly. On the contrary, Belgrade has been listed as one of the best places to party by the Lonely Planet, and it is popular among most Europeans looking for a great time.

Milka Canic supervises the popular show TV Slagalica and could perhaps be the most popular Serbian meme. The video features Milka Canic with her trademark smile, uttering Dobro veče (Good Evening). Milka Canic has remained popular and has been an idol for generations of Serbians who have witnessed some of the most unfortunate incidents in history. Igor Garnier’s Milka Canic reflects the optimism, and the carefree abandon which is what Serbian culture is all about today.

Artists like Igor Garnier, club music and parties could help Belgrade and other cities in Serbia to draw more tourists. For most young people now, Belgrade does not evoke images of tribunes, NATO and bombs. Instead, it is the place to be seen at, party, dance and witness the growth of a a new era in the history of electronic music thanks to DJs like Igor Garnier.

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