New Album: To Ever Be Made Whole by Grey

To Ever Be Made Whole by Grey explores the journey to adulthood and maturity, which can be a traumatic and often tumultuous phase. It is never easy to let go of defense mechanisms that help an individual to feel important and significant, while nothingness and meaninglessness try to prod an individual ever so regularly. Just like alchemists used the metaphor of changing lead to gold to understand the mysteries of life and death, Grey tries to explore struggles associated with making peace with oneself.

In his debut album “To Ever Be Made Whole”, Grey tries to explore the inner processes that entail self discovery and emotional maturity. Catharsis and an emotional bloodletting that center around meditative vocals help “To Ever Be Made Whole” achieve an honesty that many singers fail to achieve today.

Grey follows the tradition of Tori Amos and other deeply confessional singers who explore their own archetypes through the music they happen to write. Cinders, Last Days and Phoenix are some of the most significant tracks on this album while other tracks have a melancholic touch of their own. He cites 80s musicians and bands like Cyndi Lauper, Howard Jones and Aha as his inspirations. Grey’s music is piano inspired and it is easy to understand why he likes Loreena Mckennitt, Duncan Sheik, Kate Bush and Suzanne Vega.

He not only had to face a lot of adversities during the making of his album but he also experienced an alchemist’s dilemma of conflicting self worth and self discovery, journeys which certainly weren’t easy for him to make. To Ever Be Made Whole is a fresh-sounding piano influenced album that defies categorization based on genres. It certainly borrows from alternative rock, folk and meditative music but has a character of its own that is difficult to pinpoint.

To Ever Be Made Whole can be purchased at iTunes, BandCamp and CDbaby.

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