March 21, 2009 - 1:50 pm
We need huge help from the geek community to fix the site, help with wordpress and other technical problems. Of course, we do not have the resources to pay you in return but would return the favour by allowing free advertisements for a limited period of time.
 The fiendish has been quite inactive, to be honest. However, with the monster almost turning a year old, its slaves plan to work harder and bring new features, regulars, opinion posts, editorials, interviews, reviews and whatever else is expected and not so expected from “respectable” magazines.
One of the regulars would be the “Song of the Day”, in which we shall hunt for songs that reflect the theme of the magazine, which differs according to the capricious nature of the monster in question. We welcome you, our readers, to send us your suggestions.

Slaves of the monster


The site is in the process of development and new features would be added frequently. We request you to visit our site often, and bear with us while the site continues to evolve technically.

The Fiends


The Fiendish Magazine welcomes alternative artists, bands, film makers,  photographers, writers and event organizers to be featured here. If you think you deserve to be on this site, do email us here.